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Tia Taylor ;tia 

Hello my name is Tia and I have been in health care for the past twenty four years; first as a nurse and currently as a Pedorthist. Contour Foot Care began in 2003 and since that time  I have enjoyed delivering foot care services to the people of the Niagara Region.  My primary focus  has been feet and to offer correction for  foot pain through  the delivery of  custom made foot orthotics  ( when required) and orthotic friendly footwear. Recently, it has become apparent that there is a great need for medical compression hosiery so that  service has been added. My approach is professional yet personable, in a caring atmosphere AND  I love what I do.  I am a member of the Rotary Club of Fonthill, serving currently as Assistant District Governor Area 7090, and I am the past President of the Fonthill Rotary Club.

Dr. Richard Taylor Rick



Hello my name is Richard.  I have been a  chiropractor practicing in the Pelham region for 34 years. We have delivered general chiropractic services over this period of time.

Foot Care

There has been  a particular interest in mechanical function or more precisely malfunction of the foot.  As a consequence of this we have developed a number of corrective measures we know are effective and are very proud of.


Since 1986 we were one of the first offices in the Niagara Region to start providing needle acupuncture service.  When we first started only three other Doctors were providing this service.  Since then we have observed wide-spread use of acupuncture to all corners of the region.

Our approach is to  emphatically promote a wellness or more precisely a Vitalistic philosophy to care.   We acknowledge that,  the natural God given intelligence inborn in the body is what heals.  More can be understood in our Principles of Practice section of the website.